Nicole Walker
Arienne Zucker
Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Arianne Zucker
Duration: 1998-2006, 2008-2017, 2018 & 2019-
First appearance: February 27, 1998
Created by: Sally Sussman Morina
Family: Mendez family
Walker family
Other names: Nicole Mendez (name at birth)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Co-owner of Basic Black
Residence: Salem, Illinois
Parents: Paul Mendez (deceased)
Fay Walker (deceased)
Siblings: Brandon Walker
Taylor Walker
Marital status: Eric Brady (dated/engaged; 02/2021-)
Past marriage(s): Trent Robbins (dissolved; 19??-2009)
Lucas Horton (invalid; 1999-2001)
Victor Kiriakis (invalid; 2002-2008)
E.J. DiMera (divorced; 2009-2010)
E.J. DiMera (divorced; 2011-2012)
Xander Kiriakis (divorced; 2018-2019)
Children: Unnamed child (daughter, with E.J., deceased)
Daniel DiMera (son, with E.J., deceased)
Holly Jonas (daughter, with Daniel, carried by Chloe)
Romances: Jay (dated; 1998)
Eric Brady (dated/engaged; 1998-1999)
Colin Murphy (lovers; 2001)
Victor Kiriakis (lovers; 2002)
Brady Black (affair/lovers; 2004)
Roman Brady (one night stand; 2005)
E.J. DiMera (one night stand; 2008)
E.J. DiMera (dated/engaged; 2008-2009)
Brady Black (dated; 2010)
Brady Black (dated; 2011)
Daniel Jonas (dated; 2012, deceased)
Vargas (one night stand; 2012)
Brady Black (lovers; 2013)
Eric Brady (dated/engaged; 2014-2015)
Daniel Jonas (dated/engaged; 2015-2016, deceased)
Deimos Kiriakis (lovers; 2016, deceased)
Deimos Kiriakis (dated/engaged; 2016-2017, deceased)
Brady Black (dated; 2017)
Eric Brady (one night stand; 2017)
Eric Brady (affair/one night stand; 2018)
Eric Brady (dated; 2019-2021)
Eric Brady (dated/engaged; 2021-)
Nicole Walker (formerly Robbins, Horton, Kiriakis & DiMera) is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actress History:

  • Arianne Zucker (02/1998-02/2006, 04/2008-10/2017 & 09/2019-present; contract & 10/2018; recurring)

Other Information:

  • Presumed deceased October 23, 2018 to September 5, 2019

Character History:

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