Susan Moore
Gail Ramsey
Gail Ramsey as Susan Moore
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Gail Ramsey
Duration: 1978-1983
First appearance: March 24, 1978
Last appearance: February 11, 1983
Cause/reason: Death
Created by: Douglas Marland
Gender: Female
Died: February 11, 1983
Cause of death: Shot by Crane Tolliver
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Port Charles, New York
Parents: Unknown man (deceased)
Unknown woman (deceased)
Siblings: None/unknown
Marital status: Scott Baldwin (married/estranged;

Children: Jason Morgan (son, with Alan)
Robert Frank (step-son)
Grandchildren: Jake Spencer (grandson, via Jason,

Danny Morgan (grandson, via Jason)
Aunts & uncles: Alice Grant (deceased)
Cousins: Heather Grant
Other relatives: Steve Webber
Robert Frank
Romances: Mitch Williams (1979)
Frank Smith (1979-1980, deceased)
Alan Quartermaine (1980-1981, deceased)
Scott Baldwin (1982-1983)

Susan Moore Baldwin was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actress History:

  • Gail Ramsey (03/1978-02/1983)

Character History: